Our bike mechanic’s tips

The pleasure during a ride is a bike who works perfectly. Without noise and with perfect setup. Few minutes, some kowledge and tools, and you can say goodbye to mecanic problemes… You can find here my bike mechanics tips.

I’m a french journalist (with a very poor English so ! I am sorry…) and former bike mechanic. I share here my bike mechanic’s tips to make an easy setup of your bike, and to understand the operations of maintenance. So you can choose to make yourself maintenance or to go to bike shop if you think it’s too harder.

The rules

– Mechanic is easy, but serious ! If you are not confident on yours capabilities, don’t try alone, make it with friends or with a mechanical enthusiast. And if you don’t really feel it, before start find a good mechanic in a bike shop !

A mistake, an oversight can be dangerous, stay sharp from start to finish !

The right tool is the only tool ! If you have not it, buy it or find it. If you use uncorrect tool, you can destroyed your component. Or take a risk for your safety.

Mecanic is not a time trial race, take the time for each operation, checked it, it will be safe. Your goal is not to be faster, but to succed.

The tips !