Set-up of Sram 22 levers

The « mechanical » Sram indexing uses a specific gesture that is facilitated when the control lever is well positioned.

Mechanical summary

The tools

To adjust the Sram levers, you will need a meter, a spirit level and a 5 mm Allen wrench. Optionally provide a torque wrench if you use a carbon handlebar.

Pictures © Frédéric Iehl

  • Réglage des leviers Sram
  • Niveau à bulles

Time and difficulty

The important thing with Sram mechanical levers is to find the right opening angle to naturally have the gear lever at hand. And that’s what takes the most time. The difficulty is therefore minimal, but you have to be patient! Let’s say you will spend between 20 and 30 minutes there!

Stage 1

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

We start by slightly loosening the collar. We will avoid going too far and « losing » the screw.

Stage 2

We arrange to ensure that the handlebar is clean, well adjusted and above all perfectly tight. Because we’re going to force it!

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

Stage 3

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

We do not hesitate to loosen the collar by a quarter of a turn before placing it on the handlebar. This must not force.

Stage 4

We try to keep the key in the lever, and normally by pushing it, it moves forward. It will probably be necessary to turn it from right to left as if to « screw » it to get it up.

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

Stage 5

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

The lever is slightly tightened once you think it at the right height to prevent it from slipping.

Stage 6

We proceed in the same way with the left lever now. We loosen the collar and insert the hanger.

Slide the casserole to the right height. It is tightened slightly to keep it in place.

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

Stage 7

We start by rolling up the cover. The ergonomics of the Sram levers means that they are aligned with the upper part of the handlebar.

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

We therefore place the spirit level on the handlebar and raise or lower the lever until the level is horizontal, once placed on the body of the casserole and on the top of the hanger.

Stage 8

The lever must also be oriented outwards so that the index finger has the desired amplitude to shift speeds. If you are too « aligned » with the handlebars, changing gears will be difficult.

The little trick is to put the Rival marking parallel with the horizontal part of the handlebar.

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

Stage 9

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

When you have adjusted the lever, you block it well. If we are on a carbon handlebar, we will use a torque wrench.

Stage 10

We will proceed identically on the second lever, but we will not tighten it tightly. We will have to make sure that the two levers are at the same height.

We will apply the tape measure like this to the lower part of the hanger. We note the measure.

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

Stage 11

Set-up of Sram 22 levers

We do the same on the opposite side and bring the lever to the right height.

All that remains is to tighten the second lever. We will recheck the heights a second time and we will have finished with the adjustment of the Sram levers!

Mechanical summary

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