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Adjust Shimano pad stroke

Between the moment you press the brake lever and the moment the pads start to move, there is a gap. It can be modulated on Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra brakes.

Mechanical summary

The Tools

With a rim brake, as soon as the lever moves, the cable is pulled and the caliper brings the pads closer to the rim. You also have the option of stretching the cable more or less to have the pads more or less close to the rim. On the disc brake, none of that. There is a gap between the pressure on the brake lever and the movement of the pads. We can modulate it a bit. To adjust the stoke of the Shimano brake pads, all you need is a 2 mm Allen key. But beware, this only concerns the Dura-Ace and Ultegra 11-speed brake levers and the 12-speed models which have just been released of course. Nothing can be done on the 105 except adjust the lever reach. Another point to take into account, leaving the factory, the levers are adjusted so that the pads are as reactive as possible. We can therefore initially only increase this reaction time. Why do it? Because some of us like to anticipate their braking by pressing the lever a little without wanting contact with the disc. Adjusting the stoke of the pads is therefore a way to personalize the operation of your Shimano braking system!

All you need is a 2mm allen key. This one is a bit over the limit…

Pictures © Frédéric Iehl

Time and difficulty

Two minutes is enough again if you have the right wrench with you !

Stage 1

Adjust Shimano pad stroke

We « roll up » the hood cover to release the body of the lever.

Stage 2

We are on the outer face of the lever. By forcing more on the rubber, we reach this screw. It will take one hand for the cover and the other to act on the screw!

Adjust Shimano pad stroke

Stage 3

Adjust Shimano pad stroke

If we go in direction A, we reduce the latency time. If we go in direction B, we increase it. Be careful not to force the screw too much, otherwise it will be damaged. Do not loosen it too much because it may fall… Let’s say that a half turn is enough.

Stage 4

All that remains is to test its sensations and adjust the setting accordingly.

Adjust Shimano pad stroke

Mechanical summary

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