How to place removable mudguard

To protect yourself from road splashes, the mudguard is essential. The removable models allow you to equip yourself in a few minutes. Here’s how…

Mechanical summary

The tools

To assemble removable mudguard, you will need your hands, a pair of scissors and an old air tube.

Pictures © Frédéric Iehl

Time and difficulty

In 5 minutes, the removable mudguards should be in place. The longest is certainly to cut out the ends of air tube to « isolate » the mudguard from the frame… The ease of assembly is childish!

For comfort, removable mountain bike-type mudguard have been chosen. The bike is not better protected, the cyclist is. These models are already several years old and are now replaced by more recent references. But the fixation principle is the same!

Stage 1

We start by cleaning the contact areas of the mudguard and the bike. Here the seatpost…

… There, the underside of the diagonal tube.

We also clean the plate, blade finally the front mudguard! There is always dirt that settles there.

Even if your fenders are perfectly fixed, they will vibrate and therefore if there is any trace of mud or sand, the finish or paint of your frame will be sanded… This little rag will preserve your equipment.


Stage 2

We will cut rubber pieces in the air tube to insulate the mudguard.

Stage 3

The rubber strip is wrapped around the seatpost.

Stage 4

It will be held in place by the « pinch » of the mudguard.

The part with the thread is then inserted.

And we tighten the bolt well to block the mudguard.

Stage 5

For the front mudguard, or rather the « blade », we will place the protection as high as possible against the steering tube.

Stage 6

Rubber strips are placed in both contact areas. Here in the lower part, you can put the air tube in double or single thickness.

The upper part is on the pad of derailleurs stops. We place the rubber wedge right here. We notice that the rubber collar passes over the cables.

Stage 7

These fenders are indeed fixed by elastic collars. They are well tightened to obtain a stable fixation.

Stage 8

We avoid going under the cables of derailleurs. This would cause a change in the indexing setting. Here they are free and the adjustment of indexation is independent of the presence or absence of mudguard.

Mechanical summary


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