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Assembly of Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset

If you have to mount, or disassembly a Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset, no fear of having it is very simple and it does not require many tools.

Mechanical summary

The tools

To mount your Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset, you will need grease, and especially a 10 mm Allen key. The ideal is of course to have a « T » key. If you do not have this, with a 10 mm Allen wrench, a 10 mm flat wrench, a 10 mm pipe wrench, a wrench or a tube, you will get there.

Pictures © Frédéric Iehl

Time and difficulty

Allow between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the unexpected. But there is nothing difficult if you are attentive, have suitable tools and do not force. Everything must be screwed by hand, it’s the golden rule. We only block with the tools. If it blocks, it’s because there’s something wrong…

Stage 1

Assembly of Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset

Grease is applied to the bowls for sealing.

Stage 2

The right crank is set up. You have to push it hard in your home. Do not hesitate to push it alternately left and right so that the bearing fits more easily.

Assembly of Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset

Stage 3

Assembly of Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset

This spring washer is to be put on the left side. It can either be placed in the bowl.

Either on the left pedal half-axis.

Mise en place de la rondelle ressort

Stage 4

Assembly of Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset

The left crank is then set up, but synchronizing it with the right. There is no foolproof… So we can’t not align them.

Stage 5

We therefore make sure that the two cranks are well aligned before tightening them.

Mise en place des manivelles

Stage 6

graissage boulon de fixation axe de pédalier

The clamping bolt of the crankset is widely greased.

Stage 7

The bolt is tightened with the 10 mm key until it is stopped.

Assembly of Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset

Stage 8

serrage des manivelles

Now we place the wrench on the 10 mm wrench, or we use another lever arm to tighten. We will then feel a little shock. The crankset is fixed.

Stage 9

There is a small safety arch to block the right crank.

The safety arch must now be put in place. The best is to place it down. For disassembly it will be easier.

Assembly of Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset

Stage 10

Mise en place du clip de roulement

When the arch is like this, it is well fixed and ensures the holding of the right crank.

Mechanical summary

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